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ATE - Electronics is a leading international electronic components manufacturer, concentrating on specialized wire wound and thick film resistors.

Series RB wirewound resistors Aluminium Housed aviable from 10 Watt to 250 Watt

The wirewound resistors Series RB are mounted in extruded aluminium housings with high heat conductivity and the gold anodized finish of the housings protected for maximum resistance to enviromental conditions. The winding system of the wire gives a maximum core coverage and uniformity for excellent heat dissipation. The resistors are aviable from 10 to 250 Watt and voltage range from 160 to 2300 Volt.


Series PR 100/101/102 Thick Film Resistors aviable from 20 Watt to 150 Watt

Thick Film Resistors Series PR 100/101 /102

The Thick Film resistors of the Serie 100 / 101 / 102 have an excellent ratio from power to design volume. The easy mounting possibility reduce the mounting cost and the non inductive performance is suitable for high frequencey applications. The resistors are aviable from 20 to 150 Watt and with the resistance range from 1RO ohm to 100KO ohm.

PDF - Specification Series PR 100/101/102


Series PR 250 Thick Film Resistors aviable from 100 Watt to 500 Watt

Thick Film Resistors Series PR 250 - PR 250T

These resistors are used as a snubber resistor to compensate the C - R peaks in traction power supplies. They are designed for a power rating of 500 Watt at 40°C and a maximum working voltage of 5000 VDC. The non inductive performance is for high frequency applications and are suited to UL 94 - VO.

PDF - Specification Series PR 250

Series CS Resistors from 2 to 15 Watt

This serie replace the vitreons enamel resistors without cost increase and no performance loss. The whole serie is coated with multi - layer silicone coating and gives a maximum wire protection from - 55°C to 350°C. The performance improvement is obtained by close tolerance, very low temperature coefficient and excellent stability. The resistance are aviable from 0R01 to 82 K ohm and with the power range from 3 to 15 Watt. The resistors meet the requirements of Mil - R - 26 E specification.


Series SR Symmetry Resistors and / or Capactors Disscharge aviable from 10 to 13 Watt

Symmetry Resistors and / or Capacitors Discharge Series SR

It is necessary that capacitors with high capacitance are discharges within 1 minute to a residual voltage of max. 65 Volt. For this application a symmetry resistor will be parallel connected. The special resistors are aviable from 10 to 13 Watt.

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