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EBG is a international electronics components manufacturer of Standardized and customized precision, high voltage, high power non - inductive thick film resistors since 1977.

The company is specialist in a market niche - concentrating on passive electronic components - more precisely, precision High Voltage and Power Resistors for example: "water cooled resistor Type MTX 969 W". The elements that are produced at EBG guarantee high stability, low temperature coefficients as well as tight tolerances.

Metal Film Resistors Series EE

The resistors type EE are conform with the Mil - R 10509 and Mil - R 55182 specification. The resistors can be maufactured with R - tolerance from 0,02 % to 1,0 % and TK from 5ppm to 50 ppm. On request EBG is offering these resistors with a "burn in" of the elements for ultimate stability.

A summary of the features of Series EE are:

Model No.

age 70° C

Resistance Range
EE 1/20
from 20R to 600K
EE 1/10
from 20R to 3M
EE 1/8
from 20R to 5M
EE 1/4
from 20R to 10M
EE 1/2
from 20R to 15M
High Voltage Resistors Series SGP/OGP
The resistors serie SGP / OGP meet combination of very high voltage requirements with high resistance values. In addition EBG utilize their patented non - inductive design for digital trimming to have the ohmic value. The power ratings and voltage ratings are for continuous operation, and have all been pre-tested to these requirements for steady state performance.

A summary of the features of Series SGP/OGP are:

Resistance values
from 100 RO to 10 Gohm
from 0,1 % to 10 %
Operating Voltage (max)
to 48,000 V
Temperature Coefficient
80 ppm /°C
Maximum operating temp.
up to + 225C°

The product range consists of an extensive variety of Power Resistors and a broad line of High Voltage Resistor series. Additionally EBG produce custom designed elements in a very fast time line and at low costs.

Ultra High Power Resistors Series UXP

The high alumina ceramic plate metallized with EBGALTOX film on the botton, that allows a better heat transfer and optimum discharge for these resistors. The resistance element employs the special Metoxfilm technique which demonstrade stability while covering high wattage and pulse loading. The material is in accordance with UL 94 - VO specification.

A summary of the features of Series UXP 600 are:

Resistance Values 0,5 Ohm to 100KOhm
5% to 10 %
Temperature Coefficient
Max. Working Voltage
5000 VDC
Power Rating
600 W at 70°C
Short Time Overload
1000 W at 70° for 10sec.
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