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On Board Worldwide: Resistors for Transportation Systems

Gino GmbH is a major supplier of breaking resistors for the transportation industry. They started in 1977 with the production of iron cast resistors and expand their activities with stell grid resistors in the 6GN1 design. In addition they offer wirewound resistors in aluminium housings to comptete the program.

braking-resistor- type-VPR
braking resistor type VPR = wire-wound resistors embedded in ceramic material aluminium housed
underfloor resistor by high-performance axial fan for mounting under a subway 6GN1 design
mobile load and testing resistor type BEG special and a separate cabinet

High-performance-resistors Typ VPR

Connection: The standard resistors are provided with 500 mm connecting cables insulated with PTFE and made from pure nickel lead. Starting from VPR 200-L a shielded FEP multi-strand cable is supplied.

The 6GN1 design used by GINO so far is based on individual embossed and gilled strip elements connected in series by way of spot welding and mounted on support brackets with ceramic insulators. The support brackets are additionally insulated with a silicone - coated glass filament hose or micanite tube. Given the small strip pitch, this technique allows a high power density and is particularly advantageous when used in fan-cooled resistors. The designs acquired from Siemens AG has long been active in the development and manufacturing of resistors for transportation systems.

small braking resistors type DEZ,DEG, BEG

The result of their decade-long experience in this field is the so-called 3PQ4 technology. This rack system for strip resistors with high realiability, performance and service life meets all requirements of modern railway technology. The experience gained from this long development process as well as all related industrial rights have passed to GINO to the advantage of the customers.

load and testing resistors type BEG special

for customized solutions in steel grid or cast iron resistor elements, load resistors can be designed as mobile or stationary units. Only units of a few kilowatt are designed for natural air cooling. Usually, fan cooling is preferable. However, it presupposes that either the voltage to be loaded can be used to operate the fan or a suitable auxiliary power source is available.

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