b2b components distribution

We bring light in the technique.

Small lamps for professionel requirements.

Since more than 20 years Signal - Construct developed and manufactured products around the LED. Indicators for panel mounting are a very important product segment. Just at the connection between active light elements and the optimal design, has developed a large production program, enabling the company to realize various solutions.

LED - Products for PC-Boards

LED indicators for the direct mounting in pc - boards have taken over an important role in this market segment. It is possible to use single elements or arrays with 3 and 5 mm LED lamps. The distance between the elements is 2,54 ; 3,81 or 5,08 mm. The lamps are also aviable with ESD protection [2 - 15 KV] . The clear transparent caps are manufactured in polycarbonat and welded with the housings.

Mini/Base Line 2,5 / 3 mm LEDs (PC - Board Indicators)

Type DUH/DUG with 3 mm LEDs (LED Array Systems)

ESD Line with 2,5 + 3 mm LEDs (LED Array Systems)

Mini Line with 2,5 mm LEDs (LED Array Systems)

picture above: SISTAR IV LED All Around Lamp with 6 around arranged led segments and an illumination of each 14 LEDs
picture below: LED Signal Lamp with Socket E 27 and Diameter: 83 mm

LED - Products for PC-Boards (Light Pipe Combinations)

Since the SMD - LEDs are aviable, there is a need of Light pipes to turn the Light from the element to the front panels. Signal - Construct has a program of such pipes for nearly every solution. The plexiglas PMMA of the pipes is waterclear and according UL 94 HB specification.

Light Pipe/Light Pipe Systems/Light Pipe Combinations

LED - Power On Lamp Sockets

LEDs on Lamp fittings have established themselves over many years as the ideal alternative to conventional lamps when applications call for a long life combined with resistance to shock and vibration. When very bright GaN - LED chips for blue, ultra green and white illumination became aviable. The SC - LED cluster can be produced from 250 to 1200 Lux with Lamp fittings and voltage in 12, 24 and 230 Volt.

LED All Around Lamps Series Sistar

LED - Cluster Type Silight / Pilot "s" / Pilot Ultra

LED Spot Light with and without Optical Lens

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