b2b components distribution

Table of Contents

resistors silicone coated super - bright - smd leds
resistors aluminium housing round led lamps
thick film power resistors light bars, smd - displays
symmetry resistors low current led lamps
resistors available in non inductive light bars / dot matrix displays...>
high voltage resistors led - products for pc - boards
power resistors led - products on lamp sockets
precision high voltage divider led -Indicators for panel mounting
metal -film resistors led - arrays and light pipes
watercooled single resistor led- cluster / -spots / all around lamp ...>
braking resistors for spacer in brass, stell, plastic
transportation systems spacer in polyamide with brass - threads
underfloor / rooftop resistors spacer in polystyrol with metal - threads
steel grid resistors spacer polystyrene / with metal threads
cast iron resistors accessories: cap nut, cap screw
We also perform customers - specific developments.