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LED Power On Lamp Sockets
LED All Around Lamp
Applicable as a signal or a pilot lamp
MINI SISTAR LED All Around Lamp = Two-sided emitting micro LED. Due to the wide angle of reflected beam of the uses chip-LED approx. 85 % of a circle will be illuminated. A homogeneous all around illumination will be reached in connection with transparent covering material.
Red and yellow lamps are equipped as standard with 6 chip-LEDs. Blue, white, warmwhite and green lamps are equipped as standard with 4 chip-LEDs.
SISTAR II LED All Around Lamp = Applicable as a signal or a pilot lamp. The LEDs are arranged in segments at intervals of 90°. As the emitted light is reflected by the surrounding surface, there is a largely even lateral light emission of 360° over a length of 20 mm.
Increased reliability by division of the LEDs into two seperate circuits (only at 24V).with integrated overvoltage protection. Designed for AC / DC operation.
SISTAR IV LED All Around Lamp (big boy) = LED emitter with circular- and top alingned irradiation. Because of 6 around arranged LED segments with an illumination of each 14 LEDs (8 LEDs for blue, white and green), it will reached a homogeneous side irradiation.
An extra LED segment with 6 LEDs enabled the irradiation of the top. The coating of the LED segments consists of a white high reflecting material.The complete illuminant is protect in a clear transparent housing. This is used for insulating against voltaged parts and clamminess protection.
Application: Primarily in glass - dome like blalk-lightnings, in constrast of incandescent lamps it will equal a betterillumination.
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