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LED - Prducts for PC - Boards (Indicators)

Mini-Line 2,5 mm LEDs PC-Board Indicators = LED indicator series for direct mounting on printed boards.Sufficient brightness is already obtained at currents as low as 4 mA, which makes them ideal for use in low current circuits.

LED indicator DBB 101/124 for direct mounting on printed boards or also for plug in mounting in IC - sockets. Current approx. 10 - 12 mA at rated voltage. LED indicator DBB 201/224 / DBB 401/424 miniature type, high reliability due to special manufacturing technology. LED indicator DBM 3000/3222 and DBM 4000/4222 with three respectively four-level LED arrays, with precise pinning.
The miniature PCB series DBI is a space-saving alternative to standard miniature LED arrays.
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Base Line 3 mm LEDs PC-Board Indicators = LED indicator series DBAD with high efficiency LED,for grid patterns 3,81 mm.
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LED indicators series DBA 10/12 with high efficiency LED, for grid patterns of 3,81 mm. Connections are led through axially. Polarity is marked on the housing by a plus sign.
LED indicator series DBA 20/22 with high efficiency led, as above, but with connections 90° offset. LED indicator series DBA 30/32 with high efficiency LED, low height with a pin distance of 5.08 mm.
Base Line 3 mm LEDs PC-Board Indicators series DBL/DBR//DVC/DGC/DVD/DGD = housing with additional mounting studs to enhance fixation and stability.
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Increased solder pads are possible by displacing pins. LED indicator series DBR , housing with additional mounting collar which protects the LED from mechanical loads. Standard type with an angle are deliverable in vertical version.
LED indicator series DVC / DVD with high efficiency LEDs. Pitch 5,0 and 5,08 mm. Housing with mounting studs at type DVC / DGC. LED indicator series DGC / DGD fourfold with high efficiency LEDs.
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Base Line 3 mm LEDs PC-Board Indicators series DVE 10/12 and DVE 20/22 = with single LED on top or on bottom. Design identical with series DVD. LED indicator series DBD for pitch 5,0 and 5,08 mm.
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