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(LED Arrays with Rectangular LEDs)
Mini Line LED Arrays with 2,5 mm LEDs type ZAL for axial mounting = The best combination of smallest housing dimensions and biggest possible LED heard area. The active surface of the fitted LED corresponds approx to the usual 5 x 2 mm LEDs.
The LED is fully included in the nousing, so that irradiation between the LEDs is avoided. To adjust the front side of the plastic housing to the design of the device, it may be printed in colour. (Surrogate for Osram Mini series LxZ 182-188.)
LED array type ZAQ for axial mounting, LED array type ZAZ dual array on two levels for vertical mounting. The smalles LED array in the world, based on rectangular LEDs.
LED array type ZAE for vertical mounting, the series is based on type ZAQ. The mounting position is realised by a special angle adapter ZWA. The LED array may be exchanged without soldering.
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Right angle adapter ZWA for mounting of radial elements, such as LEDs Suitable for pins up to max 0,5 mm. Available in units from 2 x 2 up to 2 x 10 poles. When using a pair of contacts, the lead pins of the elements must have a distance of 2,5 mm to the fitting.
LED array type ZYQ 4 - fold element array with cross mounted LED 5 x 2 mm. Also suitable for partial mounting with just 2 or 3 LEDs in the existing LED areas.
LED array type ZEQ. The surface of the single LED is approx. 7 x 2,3 mm, to allow a good visibility even from a big distance.
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